What Pro-Life Should Really Mean

Abortion is a horrific act and nobody likes the idea of aborted babies. There is no one that is pro-abortion. Pro-life, however, should mean more than protecting the life of fetuses, it should simply mean protecting life. It shouldn’t matter the age, race, or gender of the person. The only thing that should matter is that they are a human being! I just finished watching the Tea Party Republican debate where some in the audience actually cheered and yelled, “yeah” at the idea of letting a 30 year old in a coma die if they don’t have health insurance.

This is inhumane. I understand the idea that people need to be personally responsible for themselves but we also need to be a country that is compassionate and truly values human life. Why are so many in this country ok with the loss of human life in needless wars? Why are so many ok with people, including children, dying because they can’t afford health insurance? All the while these people are constantly claiming that they are pro-life. If you are truly pro-life then show that you’re pro-life by supporting policies and politicians that truly work to protect people’s whole life and not just fetuses!