Why Ron Paul Scares Me

Ron Paul’s stance for more individual freedom and allowing the free market to solve problems sounds great. Unfortunately, it results in a lot of disastrous and unintended consequences. There needs to be balance between more individual freedom and allowing people to do things that hurt not only themselves, but everyone associated with them. There also needs to be balance between an unregulated free market and regulations to keep corporations from destroying our country. Let’s look at some of the specific issues where Ron Paul scares me.

Allowing young workers to opt-out of social security would someday result in a lot of poor seniors. Paul’s belief is that government should not try to protect people from themselves. However, when this opt-out plan results in a bunch of poor, possibly homeless, seniors, then what? Do we just ignore them? Will state governments feel they must step in and try to help them? What about the families of those seniors? A lot of these poor seniors will be parents or grandparents causing stress and financial issues for their kids and grandchildren from a mistake they made many years before when they were young adults.

The same goes for healthcare. If the federal government doesn’t mandate the buying of health insurance, then there are going to be large groups of people not buying it. Unfortunately, these people still end up eventually getting sick and needing assistance. In one debate, Ron Paul said if someone in a coma didn’t own insurance then churches could help them. This just shifts the burden of the problem onto churches, communities, friends, family members, etc, who can’t fully solve the problem and will be overwhelmed by it as well as the individual. I find it ridiculous that a potential President could just ignore this huge problem that effects so many people of this country!

Ron Paul’s campaign website says, “Eliminate the ineffective EPA. Polluters should answer directly to property owners in court for the damages they create – not to Washington.” First, the illnesses that pollution cause can be hard to prove because they develop over long periods of time. Second, property owners will face an uphill battle in suing polluters in court because the polluters have high paid lawyers. Third, I don’t want to get sick! Money from a lawsuit can’t give me back my quality of life if I am even still alive. How about putting laws in place and trying to watch these corporations to try to limit pollution thereby causing less people to get sick in the first place? Ron Paul’s stance on eliminating the EPA leads me to believe that he may want to abolish the FDA as well.

Ron Paul wants to repeal the Dodd-Frank regulations put in place after the financial collapse. Getting rid of regulations that were put in place AFTER a financial collapse to try to prevent ANOTHER financial collapse isn’t helpful and doesn’t make sense. If you think the financial collapse was good then by all means vote for Ron Paul because he wants our financial regulations to actually be LESS than they were before the collapse.

One of the big reasons that I wouldn’t vote for John McCain was because I believed he would see war as the best and only solution to foreign conflicts. He even went so far as singing about bombing Iran. I couldn’t vote to put someone like that in control of our military and nuclear weapons. However, I believe Ron Paul is the exact opposite and may not ever believe war is the solution. If everyone in this world was acting rational and thinking logically then I could endorse this position. However, that isn’t the case. People like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, who doesn’t believe in the Holocaust despite the overwhelming evidence, can’t be seen as thinking rationally. I believe war needs to be an OPTION to deal with someone like that.

I respect Ron Paul. He’s extremely passionate and steadfast in what he believes. However, this also scares me the most. If you are so unwavering in your beliefs that you close yourself off from processing information that could change those beliefs then you isolate yourself from learning. I find that extremely dangerous. In GOP debates, when every other candidate is expressing fear at the thought of Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon and you are the only one saying that you aren’t overly concerned about that, then possibly you are too steadfast in your beliefs. This country has a lot of problems. There is a tremendous amount of government waste but it is crucial to realize that social security, health insurance mandates, the EPA, and financial regulations to try to prevent another financial collapse were put in place to address significant problems in our country. Yes, they need reformed but getting rid of them is just going to bring back the problems that government was previously trying to solve. Let’s move forward as a country, not backward.