Should Concealed Weapons be Permitted on College Campus?

University of Colorado college students now have the right to carry concealed weapons on campus, as seen at Fox News. Less than a year ago, Arizona and Tennessee legalized carrying guns in bars. A couple weeks ago, Arizona signed into law a bill that allows anyone over 21 the choice to get or not get a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Do we really want anyone allowed to carry guns anywhere such as: hospitals, airports, train stations, bars, concerts, sporting events, etc?

I often hear the argument that more law abiding citizens carrying guns would make our country safer. I don’t think that is true, but since I don’t have any study to prove my opinion, I will stipulate that it may be true. However, I would like to point out a few things.

First, how many criminals were once law abiding citizens? Of course, the answer is all of them. Unfortunately, just because someone hasn’t committed a crime doesn’t mean they won’t in the future, especially when you are talking about young people that don’t have a long criminal history to evaluate.

Second, this new law sounds like something the far right would rally around. So, in thinking of another far right opinion, I think of how some like to argue that condoms shouldn’t be handed out in schools. They argue that by giving out condoms, you are encouraging sex over abstinence. Again, they may be right about that opinion, although I doubt it. What I find funny is their belief that handing out condoms ENCOURAGES sex while allowing guns to be carried on college campuses DISCOURAGES violence.

Third, I think about how I would react if I saw someone carrying a gun anywhere. My reaction would be to watch that person extremely closely and I would be oblivious to anything else happening. That doesn’t sound like a very good learning environment.

Fourth, how do professors and campus security deal with this? Before, they could attempt to do something about anyone they saw carrying a gun. However, now they must stand and watch until it may be too late.

Fifth, I see this setting up a huge lawsuit against the government. At some point, one of these people carrying a permitted gun on campus is going to shoot and injure/kill someone. There is going to be a massive lawsuit and the family of the victim is going to argue that if the criminal hadn’t been legally allowed to carry a gun on campus then my daughter/son wouldn’t have been injured/killed. The government will try to argue that it could have happened anyway but I predict the jury will side with the family and it will be the right decision.

This all makes me ask, “Where are the stun guns from Star Trek?” Gun companies need to develop some type of gun that could knock someone out long enough for the police to arrive. This would provide the perfect marriage of allowing someone to protect themselves without the ability of seriously injuring/killing someone and on top of that, I think they would sell like crazy. Gun companies, PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!