Pass the Ball to End the Republican Party

I think it is time to try to end the Republican party.

When I say “end”, I don’t mean that the Republicans will close up shop and just go away. Instead, they will be forced to move more to the political center. You can say what you want about Republicans, but they are extremely resolute in their positions.

With the Super Bowl about to take place, I’ll use a football analogy. The Democrats are up by 3, have the ball on offense, and time is running out. In reality, the Democrats may actually be up by more than 3 but the public can change their minds fairly quickly as evidenced by the 2010 midterm elections. Usually, I would advise the Democrats to just keep running the ball to try to get a couple first downs to run out the clock. However, not in this case. The Republicans have their backs to the wall with the public siding with the Democrats in most of the major political issues. The Republicans, rightly so, feel that the Democrats will continue to run the ball to put the game away so all they are trying to do is stop the run before the Democrats get a first down. That means that the end zone is wide open for a pass and I have a pass that I believe has a high percentage of being caught.

What we need is 2-3 Conservative Republicans and 2-3 Liberal Democrats invited to a debate. Pick high profile Republicans and Democrats that reach the largest audiences such as Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher, and Ed Schultz. Next, have the RNC and DNC come up with a number of questions and give them to an Independent individual to host the debate. Let them go through the questions to select an even number from each side and let the debate begin.

My guess is the debate would never even happen because the Republicans wouldn’t agree to it. They know that the public isn’t on their side and they don’t want to have to try to explain their positions to the general public. If the debate did happen then I’m quite comfortable with that as well! Nothing hurts the Republican party more than voicing their opinions to the general public and this debate would put some of the most extreme Republicans on a huge national stage.

Perhaps we should petition a news organization like CNN to put out a debate challenge to some of these individuals?