Blame the Police, Not the NFL

The elevator video of Ray Rice was disgusting. Hitting his girlfriend and knocking her out was an appalling act. Following that up with dragging her unconscious body, without hesitation, like he does this sort of thing every Saturday night, was incredibly disturbing. He should be and should have been in jail, behind bars, for some time. However, I just want to mention something that I find, obviously less troubling, but still troubling. It seems everyone’s anger is directed at the NFL rather than the police. The NFL’s punishments were ridiculous: a 2 game suspension (supposedly before seeing the elevator video) and suspended indefinitely (after seeing the elevator video), which basically means until enough time has passed for everyone to forget how disturbed they were while witnessing the elevator video. However, none of these NFL punishments should matter because Ray Rice should be in jail.

I don’t understand why the NFL even tries to investigate and make themselves judge and jury over criminal acts. The NFL commissioner should focus on things like the rules of the game, steroid use, helmet-to-helmet hits, concussions, medical care for players during and after their career, etc. When it comes to crime though, the NFL commissioner should state that if a player is in jail, then they won’t play as the NFL is not the best equipped to investigate crimes and punish criminals. Plus, the NFL has a huge conflict of interest in wanting to protect their teams, owners, best players, etc. and NFL girlfriends and wives just don’t rank on their list of priorities. The NFL should hold talks and try to educate their players on domestic violence, but the NFL shouldn’t try to emulate the criminal justice system. Our justice system constantly struggles with determining who is responsible for crimes and punishing them appropriately, so why would we expect the NFL to be any better?